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Guru Nanak Dev ji called for ‘education for all’ i.e. universal education, regardless of class, caste, colour, religion, ethnicity, age, or any other discrimination. Thus his idea of education is purely democratic and secular in nature. Guru Nanak’s primary goal of education and life is self-realisation. This goal is correlated with spiritual development, moral or enlightment liberation, and honest living.

The main motto of education is to develop an individual, physically, mentally and socially. It is a holistic process and continues through our life. The significance of education, for a great part, lies in its ability to open new vistas for us.

It expands our outlook and teaches us to be tolerant towards other views. An educated person will find it easier to understand a different point of view than the one who is uneducated. Education broadens our mental landscape and is the way forward to greater enlightenment - the ultimate goal of every human in life. Guru Nanak Public School, Pushpanjali Enclave, assures to provide conducive learning environment and best of facilities to enable holistic development that leads to happiness and success in life.



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